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Beach Safety

The Los Angeles County Lifeguards suggest using common sense when visiting the beach. Tragedy in the ocean can happen quickly therefore having knowledge of aquatic safety is crucial when coming to the beach.

Safety Tips

We suggest you use the following tip for safety:

Where to swim

Always swim near an open lifeguard station and never swim alone.

Know the conditions

Check with the lifeguard for safe ocean and beach conditions.


Never dive into shallow water… Remember… Feet-first every time!

Safe bodyboarding

Use swim fins and a leash whenever bodyboarding.

Pier and rock structures

Keep a safe distance from piers and rocks, and always obey warning signs.

Safe sand playing

Never throw sand and always fill in holes before you leave the beach.

Waste products

Please do not litter…leave the beach cleaner than you found it!

Isn't it hot?

Protect yourself from the sun…use sunscreen and wear a hat.

Nice people = nice beach

Respect other beach patrons and remember your beach manners.

Road crossing

The bicycle path is like a road…always look both ways before crossing!


If you, or someone in your group gets lost, always find the nearest lifeguard.
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