Defensible Space Inspection Program

The Defensible Space Program is a joint effort between the County of Los Angeles Fire Department and the County of Los Angeles Agricultural Commissioner Weights and Measures Department, Weed Hazard and Integrated Pest Management Bureau. This unified enforcement legally declares both improved and unimproved properties a public nuisance, and where necessary, requires the clearance of hazardous vegetation.

These measures create “Defensible Space” for effective fire protection of lives, the environment, and property. The Department’s Defensible Space Unit enforces the Fire Code as it relates to brush clearance on improved parcels, coordinates inspections and compliance efforts with fire station personnel, and provides annual defensible space training to fire station personnel.


As the population of the County of Los Angeles increases, further expansion of residential areas into the wildland urban interface is inevitable. Panoramic views, wildlife, fresh air, and solitude are just a few of the reasons that tempt people to locate to brush areas in the County of Los Angeles. The rewards may be numerous, but the increased risk of wildfires, flooding, and erosion pose a serious threat to life, property, and the environment.

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