• February 23, 2024

Inaugural Hybrid CERT Training

Inaugural Hybrid CERT Training

Inaugural Hybrid CERT Training 1024 682 Amelia Garcia

On February 10, 2024, the County of Los Angeles Fire Department (LACoFD) hosted an inaugural Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) hybrid training class, in collaboration with Long Beach Fire Department.

CERT participants completed the first half of the training through an individualized online course prior to taking the remaining training, in-person, at Pico Park in the City of Pico Rivera. This is the first time the LACoFD has hosted a hybrid CERT training.

Over 30 individuals participated and successfully completed the entire training course.  Despite half the class being online, the course brought several communities together to learn basic safety and life-saving skills. Participants were excited to have the flexibility to participate in a CERT training on their own time.

The CERT program teaches community members how to effectively respond in the event of a disaster until first responders arrive.

The LACoFD congratulates all individuals who completed this hybrid class!

Special thanks to the LACoFD CERT instructor cadre, Long Beach Fire Department, and the LACoFD Public Education Unit CERT Committee!

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