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Permits and Fees

The Los Angeles County Certified Unified Program Agency (LACoCUPA) collects permit fees from the regulated businesses in order to implement and administer the unified programs in the unincorporated and incorporated jurisdictions of the County.  The consolidated permit is processed by the LACoCUPA.  After the owner or operator creates and submits all the required information in the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS), either the Health Hazardous Materials (HHMD) or the Participating Agency (PA) that regulates the jurisdiction of the applicant notifies the Financial Management Division (FMD) to create a consolidated permit account.  Thereafter, FMD mails an invoice to the owner of a business that has any of the following applicable program elements:

  • Hazardous Waste Generator
  • Hazardous Waste Generator Onsite Treatment
  • Aboveground Storage Tank
  • Underground Storage Tank
  • Hazardous Materials
  • California Accidental Release Prevention

After the owner sends a payment to FMD, which must be made before the delinquency date that is documented on the invoice to avoid a late payment penalty, FMD sends the consolidated permit to the owner.

In order to fulfill the single fee system requirement that is mandated by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) within the LACoCUPA and Participating Agencies (PA) jurisdictions, FMD receives the permit fees from the owners or operators of regulated businesses and processes the consolidated permit for the business.

Moreover, FMD collects those fees on a consolidated permit account associated with program elements that are regulated by a PA and transmits them to the PA.  For example, FMD collects the fee from the owner who has an underground storage tank at a gas station in an unincorporated jurisdiction of Los Angeles County then transmits it to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, the PA who regulates businesses with underground storage tanks in the unincorporated jurisdiction.  In addition, FMD collects a state service charge on the consolidated permit account and transmits it to Cal EPA.  The implementation of the single fee system requirement maintains both the consolidation of program elements on one permit and also the coordination among the CUPA and PAs with the administration of the unified program.

The consolidated permit is valid for one fiscal year.  FMD sends an invoice each year to the owner or operator of the regulated business, collects the permit fees, and mails a valid consolidated permit to the regulated business. This permit must be posted in a conspicuous place at the regulated business.  If the ownership changes, the new owner must submit all the required information in CERS, receive an invoice from FMD, pay the fees for the applicable program elements, and post the consolidated permit at the regulated business.

Any owner or operator of a regulated business who fails to apply for a consolidated permit, pay for the permit fees, or post a valid consolidated permit is guilty of a misdemeanor.


  • For information on previous invoices, please call (323) 838-2345.
  • For billing questions, please call (323) 838-2345.
  • For questions regarding permitted programs, please call (323) 890-4000.

Fee Schedule

To view the fee schedule for Fiscal Year 2022-2023, please click here.

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