• February 25, 2022

Spotlight on HRD’s Personnel Services

Spotlight on HRD’s Personnel Services

Spotlight on HRD’s Personnel Services 1024 683 Kaelyn Floyd

This week, the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD) is spotlighting the Human Resources Division’s (HRD) Personnel Services Section!

Personnel Services is a dedicated team of individuals comprised of five dynamic sections (Personnel Services Reception, Badge & ID, Leave Management/Employee Benefits and Background, Processing, and Classification and Compensation) which work together to support the Department’s operational needs. Twenty-two staff members, who have dedicated many years of services to LACoFD, make up this team of highly skilled professionals.

“As the County evolves and new systems and processes are created to replace outdated and/or manual processes, our Personnel Services team continues to further evolve as well,” said Personnel Services Section Manager Sheryl Kyllingstad. “The work that each of these sections perform is complex and requires significant knowledge and research of both County and Fire (Department) policies.”

Each of the following Personnel Services sections devotes an abundance of knowledge and effort to the Department:

As the first point of contact, the Personnel Services Reception Section greets the public and LACoFD employees with excellent customer service. They also handle over 5,000 official personnel files for the Department, probation extensions, employment verifications, seniority, all civilian hiring, and promotional ceremonies.

The Badge & ID Section maintains and tracks the physical inventory of the Department’s 32 different badge titles, totaling almost 4,000 badges. They have also played an instrumental role in developing the upcoming 2023 centennial commemorative badges.

The Leave Management/Employee Benefits and Background Section is the start of the pre-employment process. They coordinate background orientations and medical examinations to meet the Department’s hiring needs for Fire Fighter Trainee and Fire Suppression Aid academies and two Ocean Lifeguard academies.

Over the last two years, the Processing Section has on-boarded almost 20 classes of sworn personnel as well as handled incoming and outgoing employees.

Lastly, the Classifications and Compensation Section worked hand-in-hand with the Chief Executive Office to establish the Wellness Division and Peer Support.