• May 10, 2019

Happy Retirement, LACoFD Retirees!

Happy Retirement, LACoFD Retirees!

Happy Retirement, LACoFD Retirees! 150 150 WPPRO Administrator

The Los Angeles County Fire Department congratulates all of the employees who recently retired from County service during the month of March.

May each of you have a healthy and happy, well-deserved retirement.  Best wishes!

Assistant Fire Chief Jim Enriquez, FS 154
Assistant Fire Chief Mark Savage, Fire Prevention

Battalion Chief George Cruz, FS 150
Battalion Chief Scott Fellhoelter, FS 106
Battalion Chief John Neese, FS 106
Battalion Chief Roland Owens, FS 49
Battalion Chief Mark Whaling, Battalion 19

Fire Captain Michael Alves, FS 30
Fire Captain Marcus Bestwick, FS 85
Fire Captain Glen Crow, FS 169
Fire Captain Edward Edmonds, FS 128
Fire Captain Lawrence Grill, FS 97
Fire Captain Shawn Grizzard, Prevention Division
Fire Captain John Haugh, FS 136
Fire Captain Gregory Hitchcock, FS 3
Fire Captain David Krisman, FS 11
Fire Captain Danny Novak, FS 28
Fire Captain Tom Magallanes, FS 81
Fire Captain Gerald Meehan, Fire Prevention
Fire Captain Michael McClanahan, FS 105

Fire Captain David Murrietta, FS 118
Fire Captain Jeffrey Myers, FS 44
Fire Captain Kevin Paulson, FS 5
Fire Captain Kenneth Renz. FS 77
Fire Captain Michael Richey, FS 69
Fire Captain Richard Robinson, FS 129
Fire Captain James Shandrick, FS 163
Fire Captain Eugene Tachiyama, FS 173
Fire Captain Larry Tietgen, FS 147
Fire Captain John Tuck, FS 60
Fire Captain Russell Weber, FS 68
Rescue Boat Captain Phil Navarro, Lifeguard Division

Renolds Cairncross, Facilities Project Manager II, Construction & Maintenance Division

Fire Fighter Specialist Salvatore Adamo, FS 146
Fire Fighter Specialist Martin Blomgren, FS 53
Fire Fighter Specialist Robert Denton, FS 59
Fire Fighter Specialist Steven Ford, FS 99
Fire Fighter Specialist Kevin Furlong, FS 154
Fire Fighter Specialist Judson Kading, FS 48
Fire Fighter Specialist Thomas Kelley, FS 34
Fire Fighter Specialist John McFaul, FS 65

Fire Fighter Specialist Catarino Osegueda, FS 165
Fire Fighter Specialist Leon Rosborough, FS 25
Fire Fighter Specialist Wayne Shimabukuro, FS 105
Fire Fighter Specialist Daniel Steindlberger, FS 192
Fire Fighter Specialist David Stilwell, FS 28
Fire Fighter Specialist Javier Torres, FS 191

David Whitney, Deputy Forester, FS 101

Kelly Kim, Forestry Assistant, Forestry Division

Fire Fighter Jonathan Andicochea, FS 25
Fire Fighter Clayton Brown, FS 75
Fire Fighter Bernardo Diaz Jr., FS 64
Fire Fighter Vincent Dominguez, FS 50
Fire Fighter James Maxfield, FS 124
Fire Fighter Arthur Suddeth, FS 41
Fire Fighter Cary Sugimoto, FS 14

Michael Uyehara, Supervising Hazardous Materials Specialist, HHMD

Sandra Clark, Secretary III, Fire Prevention