• May 17, 2024

LACoFD Recognizes Promoted Team Members

LACoFD Recognizes Promoted Team Members

LACoFD Recognizes Promoted Team Members 1024 682 Amelia Garcia

On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, the County of Los Angeles Fire Department (LACoFD) Executive team held a promotional ceremony at the Rowland Heights Community Center to formally congratulate newly promoted Department at the Rowland Heights Community Center.

As part of the promotional ceremony, family and friends applauded as Fire Chief Anthony C. Marrone presented each team member with their new badges and identification cards.

Best wishes and good luck to the LACoFD’s newly promoted employees!

• Chief Deputy Theresa Barrera

• Battalion Chief Manuel Carreon Jr.
• Battalion Chief Richard Conejo
• Battalion Chief Terry Millsaps

• Fire Captain Harold Allyn
• Fire Captain Bryan Case
• Fire Captain Joseph Cuzynski
• Fire Captain Luke Erickson
• Fire Captain Alejandro Magana
• Fire Captain Eric McNamara
• Fire Captain Mitchell Orsatt
• Fire Captain Sergio Romo
• Fire Captain Albert Sanchez
• Fire Captain Joe Valdivia

• Rescue Boat Captain Jeffrey Martinez

• Deputy Forester Mark Martinez

• Fire Fighter Specialist Andrew Beem
• Fire Fighter Specialist Daniel Bresler
• Fire Fighter Specialist Oscar Chavez
• Fire Fighter Specialist Gerald Davis
• Fire Fighter Specialist Darnell Dodson II
• Fire Fighter Specialist Alex Jauregui
• Fire Fighter Specialist Eric Ortiz
• Fire Fighter Specialist Joseph Valencia
• Fire Fighter Specialist Darrin Vogel
• Fire Fighter Specialist David Wylie

• Ocean Lifeguard Specialist Robert Kithcart

• Lin Chau, Administrative Assistant III

• Alexandra Gonzalez, Senior Departmental Personnel Assistant

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